Lumi Bowl – Papua New Guinea

A beautiful wooden bowl in the classic almond-shaped style of the Lumi, who are located in the heart of the Sandaun Province of the northwestern corner of Papua New Guinea. When not in use, a bowl such as this would be hung from the wall by its suspension holes, which are found here still intact. Accordingly, the bottom of the bowl would be treated by the artist as an opportunity for embellishment. This example features a raised form, echoing the bowl’s silhouette, that surrounds the circular foot to complete a stunning design evoking an open eye. A heavily encrusted patina lends a rich, textured surface to this powerful piece of Oceanic woodwork.

Late 19th century
15” l 10” w
Provenance: Michael Hamson; Todd Barlin, Australia; Elizabeth Pryce Collection; Serge Schoffel
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