Zulu Meat Platter – South Africa

In South Africa, most ceremonies and rites were accompanied by a much-anticipated feast of grilled meat, shared by the assembled company from large platters. These platters were carved by men and were objects of both culinary function and careful aesthetic design. When not in use they would be hung as objects of display, with their undersides becoming the primary artistic focus. This platter, which features two large, ovular plates and a pair of small, detached circular dishes for condiments, presents a beautiful sense of geometric composition from both front and back. Distribution of light and dark is found in dramatic contrast on either side, the back side being highlighted with four small rectangles of light wood marking the platter’s feet.

First half of 20th century
21" l 8" w
Wood, pokerwork
Provenance: Ex Dave Roberts, South Africa; Noble Endicott, New York
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