Zulu Snuff Container- South Africa

An elaborately carved Zulu snuff container reminiscent of a European perfume bottle. Pipes were just one of many everyday European luxury objects with which the peoples of southern Africa became familiar during the Colonial period, and an appreciation for these new forms naturally informed the work of local artisans. Careful openwork was applied to create the four-legged base upon which the bottle stands upright. A removable, intricately carved stopper, also graced with elegant openwork carving, caps the slender neck. With the exception of the stopper, this snuff was carved from a single piece of horn.

Late 19th century
6” h
Provenance: Alain Guisson, Brussels; Michael Graham-Stewart, London; Terence Pethica Collection, UK
Published in Africa: Relics of the Colonial Era, Anthony Jack, 1991, p. 21; The Art of Southern Africa, Klopper, Nettleton, Pethica, p. 164
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