Yaka Pipe - D.R. Congo

Angularity and a beautiful geometric inflection imbue the form of this extremely rare and compelling Yaka pipe. Standing poised with bent knees as though about to set itself in motion, the figure emits an almost supernatural aura, enhanced by its greatly elongated neck. From the lightly touching fingertips at the breast the arms wrap fully around the stem of the pipe to the back, where one finds delineated scapulae and buttocks. The bowl of the pipe rests in the belly of the figure, while the head – carved with lovely, semi-abstracted features – doubles as a removable stopper. This is a gorgeous piece of Yaka art and a highlight in any collection of African art. Small restoration done to right side of face.

Wood, fiber
Early 20th century
H 9.5" W 1.75"
Ex Helmut Zake, Germany (1918-1995)
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