Zulu Prestige Vessel - South Africa

Considered icons of African art, these large and beautiful Zulu vessels are found in many of the great museum and private collections worldwide, including the British Museum, the Linden Museum and the Brenthurst Collection.

The precise function of this rare 19th century storage vessel is not known. The ridged and interlaced patterning is similar to the carving on many southern African snuff containers. Thus, it has been suggested that this type of vessel may have been used as a chief's storage jar for tobacco or snuff. Other scholars have surmised that these vessels were produced as examples of the crafts of Africa for the Great Exhibitions of the 19th century.

Good condition, no repairs or restoration evident. Lid cup is a tight fit, probably from slight warping.

Mid to Late 19th century
H: 21"
ex Vincent Price collection
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