Zombo Power Figure - Angola

A corded horn dangles from the wrapped skirt of this rare and beautiful Zombo figure. Coated with a worn, highly encrusted patina, this male image stuns the viewer with a sensitive, naturalistically carved visage. Figures of this type were used by their owners as ritual items, helping to ensure good fortune, healing, and protection.

Exhibited in Sculpture of Africa, Univ. of Michigan Musuem of Art, 1984, Krannert Art Museum, Univ. of Illinois, 1985.
Published in Art and Artefacts of the Pacific, Africa and the Americas. The James Hooper Collection, p 398.

Wood, fabric, horn, surface covered with organic matter
19th century
Field collected by F. Wilson Beale between 1908 and 1926
Ex James Hooper collection; Sotheby Parke
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