Kusu Hemba Female Figure - D.R. Congo

The carving traditions of the Kusu tribe are longstanding and show significant influences from the neighboring Songye and Luba peoples. This female ancestor figure, reminiscent of the Hemba style, is formed of a condensed interplay of curved and rectilinear shapes that produce a remarkably different impression when viewed frontally and in profile. Ventral scarifications and a deeply trance-like, inward gaze further distinguish this fine Congolese work which retains its original charge.
Exhibited in Forms of Expression: African Masks and Sculpture, Harold Washington Center, Chicago, February 5- April 17, 1993.

Condition of wood figure is very good with stable crack on base. Loss to one side of charge as seen in image.

Wood, fiber, bamboo
Late 19th or early 20th century
H: 7"
Arcade Gallery, London, pre-1982, Christie's London, 1982, private U.S. collection
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